Underfloor Heating


A living environment as comfortable as a warm summer’s day. Where the temperature is constant; no nasty highs or lows. Imagine an underfloor heating system designed by heatplus.

Underfloor heating systems use modern radiant heating technology & controls to deliver the PERFECT heating system. Efficiency and easy temperature control at the push of a button.

Our underfloor heating systems can be used with most common energy sources, (gas, oil, electricity), and adapted to any space, heating everything evenly and efficiently. A system ideally suited to home, office or commercial use. Underfloor heating systems suit all applications, big or small, whether a one room extension or a large construction project. Heatplus can offer the best in modern heating design.

Underfloor heating brings many advantages…

Choosing an underfloor heating system brings many advantages. Massive energy savings no matter what the fuel used. No ugly radiators freeing up valuable wall space. Underfloor heating is completely discrete with the installation concealed in your floor. Comfort levels are legendary, with temperature-controlled to a fine degree. Underfloor heating provides even heat distribution throughout your home. No system noises, no banging pipes or gurgling radiators. Using superior controls to provide temperature on demand, our systems can deliver a perfect environment in every room throughout your home.